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Freezz specializes in Connectivity Services and Systems for ground transportation and autonomous vehicles. The company’s innovative solutions cater to various industries:

Ground Transportation Coaches.
Agricultural Machines.
Autonomous Vehicles.

Freezz is committed to bridging the digital divide through its Integrated Connectivity Platform. This business area focuses on providing innovative solutions to meet the increasing demand for seamless connectivity. Key aspects include:

Integrated Satcom Solution.
Addressing 5G and Future 6G.
Innovative Spacecraft Platform.

Freezz is dedicated to advancing space colonization, focusing on User Segment Systems for the Moon and Mars. This business area encompasses:

Integrated Comm+Nav User Terminals.
Tech Transfer from Earth to Space.
Family of Products for Institutional & Commercial Missions.
Connectivity Services for Ground Transportation and Autonomous Vehicles

Friilink Mobile

Freezz’s business area in Connectivity Services and Systems for ground transportation and autonomous vehicles is a testament to our commitment to delivering seamless and reliable internet services across a wide range of industries. Through this, we are enabling businesses and individuals to stay connected, access critical data, and revolutionize their operations, all while improving the quality of connectivity and expanding coverage in diverse sectors.

  • Ground Transportation Coaches

Freezz addresses the increasing demand for seamless connectivity in transportation. Friilink technology provides uninterrupted internet access and communication for travelers on the move.

  • Agricultural Machines

Freezz’s connectivity solutions transform agriculture by integrating them into machines. This enables real-time data, remote monitoring, and precision agriculture, empowering farmers to make data-driven decisions for improved productivity and sustainable practices.

  • Autonomous Vehicles

Freezz is at the forefront of the autonomous vehicle revolution, providing cutting-edge Connectivity Services and Systems. These solutions facilitate real-time data exchange for navigation, decision-making, and enhance safety features for self-driving vehicles.

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Integrated Connectivity Platform to Bridge the Digital Divide


Freezz’s business area in the Integrated Connectivity Platform is dedicated to solving the digital divide by offering integrated satellite communication solutions. By connecting personal and vehicular devices directly from space, addressing the demands of 5G and beyond, and ensuring cost-effective satellite manufacturing and launch, Freezz is leading the change towards a world where everyone, regardless of their location or economic constraints, can access the full benefits of modern connectivity.

  • Integrated Satcom Solution

Freezz’s platform enables direct satellite communication to personal and vehicular devices from space. This approach eliminates the need for extensive ground infrastructure, ensuring reliable internet access for users in both remote and urban areas. By bypassing ground-based relay stations, Freezz aims to significantly reduce the digital divide.

  • Addressing 5G and Future 6G

Freezz anticipates the evolving needs of the telecommunications industry and is committed to supporting both 5G and future 6G connectivity. This ensures that customers using Freezz’s Integrated Connectivity Platform stay on the cutting edge of connectivity technology, facilitating a seamless transition to next-generation networks.

  • Innovative Spacecraft Platform

Freezz not only focuses on advanced connectivity but also emphasizes cost-effective satellite manufacturing and launch. Their spacecraft platform is designed for economic efficiency, making satellite deployment accessible and sustainable. By reducing economic barriers to entry in space technology, Freezz aims to expand satellite networks and contribute to bridging the digital divide.

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User Segment Systems for Space Colonization (Moon & Mars).

Friilink Space

Freezz’s business area in User Segment Systems for space colonization demonstrates our unwavering commitment to advancing human presence and exploration beyond Earth. By offering integrated communication and navigation solutions, transferring terrestrial technology to space, and providing a versatile product range for both institutional and commercial missions, we’re contributing to the realization of a multi-planetary future where the Moon and Mars become new frontiers for human achievement.

  • Integrated Comm+Nav User Terminals

Freezz provides cutting-edge Integrated Communication and Navigation User Terminals for lunar user segments, supporting rovers, humans, and nanosatellites. These terminals ensure essential communication and navigation tools for astronauts and researchers on celestial bodies.

  • Tech Transfer from Earth to Space

To revolutionize space technology and enhance cost-effectiveness, Freezz is transferring terrestrial technology to space. Using low-cost, large-scale electronics, this initiative aims to make advanced technology deployment in space economically viable, fostering innovation and lowering financial barriers to space exploration.

  • Family of Products for Institutional & Commercial Missions

Freezz’s vision spans institutional and commercial missions, offering a comprehensive product range for lunar and Martian exploration. Tailored for government agencies, research institutions, private space companies, and entrepreneurs, these products cater to diverse ventures in the expanding field of space colonization.

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